After Thanksgiving Harper, 7 years old, and Wyatt. 4 years old, can't wait for our Elf on the Shelf to arrive. His name is Fisbee, he has been our elf for four years now. He does a lot of funny things and the kids just love it. They say stuff like "Mom, Look at Fisbee!", " You won't believe where I found Fisbee", and "Oh my goodness, Fisbee is so funny". The kids reactions are priceless.

I thought I would share with you some adventures our elf has been on:

Date Night
Photo: Alli Mae
Just Chillin'
Photo: Alli Mae
Fisbee with hanging with his ladies. Photo: Alli Mae
Fisbee warming up his buns over the toaster.
Photo: Alli Mae


Elf Cheat Sheet:

12/1 Elf comes in with a naughty or nice list with your child's name on it.

12/2 Elf makes a snow angel on kitchen floor in flour.

12/3 Elf is car with seat belt on.

12/4 Elf in child's play area coloring.

12/5 Elf leaves a message in candy.

12/6 Eating cheese in the fridge.

12/7 Elf takes a piece of candy from the advent calendar.

12/8 Elf sleeps in Christmas stocking like a sleeping bag.

12/9 Elf in the laundry room.

12/10 Elf zip ling from kitchen light fixture to Christmas tree.

12/11 Elf delivers letter from the North Pole to the mailbox.

12/12 Elf makes a trail of shoes to the Christmas tree.

12/13 Elf washes the dishes.

12/14 Elf unravels toilet paper in the bathroom.

12/15 Elf takes nap in tissue box.

12/16 Elf watches "Elf" on TV.

12/17 Elf gotten into a cereal box in the pantry.

12/18 Elf is riding in a toy car.

12/19 Elf decorates a mini Christmas tree.

12/20 Elf is on the couch with a " 5 Days till Christmas" note.

12/21 Elf takes spin on a ceiling fan.

12/22 Elf writes cute message on the bathroom mirror with lipstick or toothpaste.

12/23 Elf wraps presents.

12/24 Elf reads The Night Before Christmas.

12/25 Elf is hiding in the Christmas tree with a note that says- "Merry Christmas!"

You can even register your elf online so your kids can receive birthday emails, elf inspiration, and fun stuff for the kids. Kids can even write a letter to Santa. Hope your Elf is feeling inspired!