Chances are good you'll attend a Christmas party this year. Chances are also good that if you do you'll probably want or need to wear a Christmas sweater.

In the past, prizes have commonly been given out for ugliest Christmas sweaters, and some people really went all out to claim the title. But more recently, additional prizes have been given for categories like most creative sweater, overall favorite sweater, etc.

Here are six Christmas sweaters sure to be a hit - and probably earn you at least one prize or high-five - at this year's Christmas party:

1. Stranger Things Christmas Sweater

rwelite, Etsy

With the recent release of Stranger Things 2, this sweater is relevant, relatable and just downright cool. Chances are good that more than a few people at your Christmas party were amongst the 15.8 million viewers to watch the opening episode of ST2. They'll love this, and you'll love wearing it.

Price: $29.99


2. Elf Sweater

NarwhalTees, Etsy

Elf is unarguably one of the greatest Christmas movies of all time. Of. All. Time. If you make it through the Christmas season without watching Elf, you deserve coal in your stocking. One of the classic scenes from the film is when Buddy leaves for NYC to find his dad, and his friend Narwhal rises from the sea to wish him farewell: "Bye, Buddy! Hope you find your dad!"

Price: $17.95+


3. Hallmark Christmas Sweater

RipleyAndNewt, Etsy

From the "Hallmark Movie Drinking Games" to the simply impressive number of downright cheesy B-rated Christmas films (there are 33 of them), Hallmark has provided us with perhaps one of the greatest running jokes of the Christmas season. And yet, people - women in-particular, it seems - lap these movies up. My own wife, sisters, and in-laws have succumbed to the Hallmark craze. And so, it seems, that a sweater would only be appropriate.

Price: $25.95


4. The Office Christmas Sweater

RipleyAndNewt, Etsy

Simply put, The Office is one of the best shows to grace American television. With so many relatable - or just ridiculous - characters, it would be a shame not to carry on the show's legacy in apparel form. Deservedly, odd-ball Dwight Schrute has his own sweater with a reference to and Christmas greeting from his beet farm, making this another sweater people will love and appreciate.

Price: $25.95 


5. Abominable Snowman Sweater

DecalsAffordable, Etsy

Another Christmas classic is the 1964 made-for-TV movie Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer. With a cast of likable misfits, even Bumble the Abominable Snowman earns love from viewers (well, all but my wife, who recently divulged to me that the Abominable Snowman scared her as a child and she would have to look away). A sweater with his likeness - and that even lights up - will be a certain hit at this year's Christmas party.

Price: $59.00


6. Pokemon Sweater

Partygiftstore, Etsy

Baby boomers, Millennials and parents of both will all understand and appreciate (or maybe not, in the case of parents) this sweater. Pokemon was one of the most influential trends and crazes of the past 20 years with a recent resurgence in Pokemon Go. Whether you played the games, watched the movies, collected the cards or not, most people under 60 will recognize the rosy cheeks, black-tipped ears, bright yellow body and lightning-bolt shaped tail of Pikachu on the face of this sweater. The addition of Stantler (reindeer-like Pokemon) and Pokeball ornaments add additional Pokemon references and Christmas spirit deserving a Christmas sweater award.

Price: $19.99+