The "Big Game" between New England and Los Angeles is February 3rd in Atlanta. I know who most people will be cheering for and it's not the Patriots. But there are some interesting facts about this years' match up.

American football ball, close-up view
  • This is the 3rd straight year New England has been to the Superbowl. 
  • The last time the Rams played in the Superbowl was 2002 when they were in St. Louis. That year they played New England and lost.
  • It was also the year Tom Brady took over the starting job. In the 17 year's since, he has been to seven Superbowl's and won 4 more of them. 
  • No quarterback has been to more championships (9) or won more championships (5) than Tom Brady. 
  • No team has been to more Superbowl's than New England (10).


No matter what you think of Brady, you can say you have witnessed one of the (if not THE) greatest quarterbacks of all time. Even if you're sick of him, you should want him to win. Better chance he retires and rides off into the sunset Elway style.