So, I've never really thought of myself as a foodie.  I've heard people use the term, and I never really thought about it one way or another, but apparently there is a difference between a foodie and just a lover of food.  Who knew??

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I happened to run across this and I've decided that I do bounce between both.  I'm not really all of one or another.  I feel like most people do.  Here are the characteristics of a foodie:

1. Knowing food pairings                                                48%
2. Interested in food origins                                            47%
3. Frequently trying new foods                                        45%
4. Being able to properly cook                                         44%
5. Awareness of what foods are in season                      41%
6. Always have a restaurant recommendation                 35%
7. Eat healthy                                                                    35%
8. Having a taste for wine                                                 34%
9. Fully stocked fridge                                                      33%
10. Always trying to get people to go out to eat               32%
11. Own cook books                                                         32%
12. Traveled to a country for its food                                31%
13. Vast spice rack                                                            28%
14. Great knives set                                                          27%
15. Drinks fancy cocktails                                                 27%
16. Owns mortar and pestle                                              27%
17. Order steak medium rare or rare                                 22%
18. Have a charcuterie plate at home                                22%
19. Eat only grass-fed meat                                               20%

And if you aren't necessarily a foodie, but a food lover the list is much shorter:

1. Finding new recipes                           66%
2. Going to new restaurants                   65%
3. Find new flavor combinations            59%
4. Reading cookbooks                           58%
5. Making up own recipes                      58%

And are you nervous to cook for certain people?  I would be most nervous about cooking new things for friends, or people from work... like if you were having some dinner party for a spouse's boss or something like that.  Turns out, most people are nervous to cook for their parents!  WHAAAA??  I figure they already know what my issues are.  If they don't like it, well, they still are stuck with me.  So, whatever.  Here is the breakdown from that study:

1. My parents                                                   40%
2. Friends                                                         40%
3. Extended family                                            38%
4. Mother-in-law/partner’s mother                    35%
5. My siblings                                                   35%
6. My partner                                                    31%
7. Father-in-law/partner’s father                       28%
8. Colleagues                                                   22%

How do you fit into this puzzle?