Our reliable (unofficial) forecaster, Frankie Macdonald, is at it again with his latest warnings on Minnesota's bad weather headed our way tomorrow.

I always get a kick out of Frankies forecasts for Minnesota. This time he's warning us about a "massive blizzard" coming with 6-12 inches of snow, especially to "Minnepalace/St. Paul", with "treacherous driving conditions".

Well, we're going to get some snow and very cold temps, but nothing even close to the amount Frankie is saying.

Our official forecast for tomorrow (1/11/18) is a high of 7 degrees with some snowfall throughout the day. Temps will drop to -11 into the overnight hours with continued snow possible. There's an expected 1-2 inches of snow here in central Minnesota.

Take Frankie with a grain of salt, as he YouTube's forecast warnings for many places all over the world, but he sure is entertaining!

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