I love free stuff, who doesn't, right?  Tomorrow, Wednesday, is free cone day at Dairy Queen.  This means that everyone can get a free small vanilla cone- one per person at Dairy Queen.  If you would like to make a donation, the proceeds go to the Children's Miracle Network.  Last year $300,000 was raised in just one day.  This is the 5th annual Free Cone Day and throughout that time over $130 million has been raised for the Children's Miracle Network in local hospitals.

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Some other facts about DQ that might make you feel good about your support, especially in this area:

DQ Fun Facts:

  • Our dairy comes from American dairy farmers and their hardworking families.

  • We’re big fans of our dairy farmers because they make every curl possible.

  • The curl of the cone and the flip of the Blizzard are more than just theatrics at DQ, they are DQ quality signs that we take pride in.

  • A perfect curl and a flipped Blizzard mean the thickest, creamiest DQ soft serve you can’t get anywhere else.

    Let's celebrate Spring and help out the kids at the same time with a Free small cone from Dairy Queen.

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