Somedays YouTube takes me down some strange rabbit holes, and for some reason, I found a video from 1973. It was the television show 'To Tell The Truth' and this particular episode centered around a man, who snowmobiled from Forest Lake to the Arctic Circle, and had planned on taking the run to Moscow. Well, Moscow didn't work out for Bill, but his tale lives on in this episode.

'Wild' Bill hailed from Willow River Minnesota and was more known for possibly being D.B. Cooper. Bill also had his fair share of brushes with the law, which is why so many people thought he could have been D.B., and it's believed that he met his demise during a bad drug deal.

Even the City of Willow River highlights Wild Bill Cooper on its city website.

"In the 1960's Bill Cooper came into Willow River and bought the Squirrel Cage bar.  His biggest claim to fame was when he and 6 other men planned a 5,000 mile snowmobile trip from  Minnesota to Moscow in the winter of 1972. They were forced to end the trip in Greenland during the second year.  The harsh conditions and lack of money were to blame. 

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After the expedition, "Wild Bill" Cooper took to a life of crime. He was accused of leading a massive drug smuggling operation known as "the Marijuana Air Force."  Due to that he was named one of the 10 most wanted criminals in the country.  He was never caught."

While law enforcement wasn't able to catch Bill, the contestants on the show did.

He seemed to live life like a modern-day Billy the Kid, Jesse James, or Butch Cassidy.

While I don't wonder where Wild Bill ended up, he will forever be linked to Minnesota.

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