This fair food trailer has become a staple in the area over the last couple of years.  When fairs were cancelled over the pandemic, this became something that was very popular to get your "fair food fix". It was a sense of normalcy...and delicious snack food.

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Since then, Miller Concessions has taken their food trailer all over the area and will "set up shop" for a limited period of time at a particular location. This weekend, Memorial weekend Miller Concessions, Inc. will be at the Coborn's on Cooper Avenue in St. Cloud.  In fact, they are there right now, and will be there through Sunday, May 28th.

Because of the construction on Cooper, people may think it's going to be difficult to get to this location, but they have actually opened up the intersection on Roosevelt and Cooper as it changes to University Drive.  The South side of Cooper remains closed for the time being.  You can access Cooper to get to that Coborn's location from University Drive or from Division Street.

If you really like fair food, you can also take advantage of the foodie weekend at the State Fair Grounds this weekend.  This is not a free event, and tickets are limited.  You can get all of that information here if you are interested in heading in that direction for something different to do this holiday weekend.  Tickets are just $10 for this event - Kickoff to Summer at the Fair.

It's the unofficial beginning of summer this weekend - celebrate, it's been a long winter.

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