So yeah we are all pretty bummed out that there is even MORE snow on the way. I think even the heartiest of Minnesotans who are hell-bent on snowmobiling and ice fishing nearly every frigid winter day are over it at this point.

However, our complaining isn't going to stop the weather from coming today (would be cool if it did, though).  Maybe we can start a protest with picket signs? Or I suppose we could wait a couple of weeks and go shout at Lake Superior?

Instead, I propose we look at some of the positives. For instance this latest round of snow could potentially fill some of these ridiculous potholes that we have seen in this area this winter. Looking at you, Highway 10.

In addition, the more snow we get the closer we get to a seasonal record in Central Minnesota and the closer we get, the more we can annoy each other for years to come with tales of the Winter of 2023.  "Yeah this winter has been bad but do you remember '23? This is nothing," you will say from now until the end of time.

Or, we could celebrate the fact that the newest round of snow allows us to use up all the gas in our snowblowers before the time comes to put them away for the summer. You gotta use up every last drop, after all!

Ah, who am I kidding? I am as sick of winter as everyone else! Bring on boats, Dairy Queen, baseball and the quarries! Enough is enough!

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