If there is something that Minnesotans love to do in the summer, you can be sure they’ll find a way to do it in the winter as well.

Take ice fishing, for instance.  Some Minnesotans are not going to let a few cold months stop them from doing one of their favorite things. And if you're going to be doing any drinking to pass the time during the winter, why not catch some delicious walleye while doing it.

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Drinking and fishing go hand in hand. Your fish house basically becomes a tiny little bar with just you, and maybe one or two others. But what if you could go to a real bar, hang out with a bunch of like-minded companions, have a few cold ones, and still do some ice fishing?

@GreatBigStory via YouTube

Well, if you go to a particular lake in northwestern Minnesota, there’s an actual bar you can do all of that. It’s called Hillbillies Ice Hole, and it’s located near Pelican Rapids, on Lake Lida. When you look it up on Google Maps, it shows that it’s literally on the water. Of course, not now – but it will be soon. And it’s less than a 2 ½ hour drive from St. Cloud. 

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The inside looks just like almost like any regular bar. They’ve got the usual things you would expect to find -- locals to talk with, food to eat, cold beer and warm shots to drink. But this bar also has ice holes you can drop your fishing line in.  


Another thing you might not expect is a particular type of shot you can get called a "minnow shot." And no, that’s not some name for some combination of different liquors. We’re talking about a real minnow that they drop into a shot of whiskey or vodka or whatever your poison of choice is, and you swallow it all. It seems to be a local favorite.

So if you’re looking for something different and unique to check out or you just happened to find yourself in the Grand Rapids area this winter, swing by Hillbillies Ice Hole. Maybe you’ll decide to drink a fish – while trying to catch one too.

Check out the cool video from Great Big Story.


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