Apparently Minnesota hasn't cared too much if you received an unwanted butt grab, at least until now. Things could be changing soon though, and it could get you in a world of trouble!

Right now it's just considered a rude move and could get you slapped if you make a move to give a rump squeeze to somebody who wasn't asking for it. I wouldn't suggest doing it just because it's not illegal to do, cause there is a slightly fine line with getting into trouble with the law, and soon it could cost you a year in jail and up to a $3,000 fine.

According to Pioneer Press, there's a bill hitting the floor on Wednesday that will change the current state’s sexual conduct statutes, adding "the intentional touching of the clothing covering the immediate area of the buttocks". You can see the entire statute here.

The original exclusion of that part of the statute happened in 1988, where it may have been due to what they call a "coaches exception"...a common practice with coaches giving a butt-slap to motivate the players. Personally I've never understood this, or felt motivated by this when I played school sports, but it's a 'thing'.

The days of this may be over, especially in a time where the #MeToo movement is heavy with women coming out about sexual harassment in the workplace.

I'm all for this and still baffled how this wouldn't be illegal in the first place. I would never consider being so rude to anybody as to grab their butt without consent, no matter how tempting it is. Sadly, there are those pigs out there and it happens more than we may think!

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