I have fond memories from my childhood of being gathered around the dining room table with my dad, mom and two younger sisters. It's October, Halloween is just a couple weeks away, and we're decorating Halloween cookies together as The Monster Mash crackles on my dad's vinyl record player.

My mom's pumpkin-themed table cloth is covered in blobs of black, orange, yellow and white frostings, various sprinkles and chocolate chips. Finished cookies in various styles of pumpkins, bats and fall leaves fill plates for Halloween parties while broken cookies are heavily topped for immediate gratification. For years, this scene of the five of us laughing, dancing, singing, decorating and eating together was a tradition.

As years passed and my sisters and I moved away to college, graduated, married and pursued our own paths, this yearly observance became more and more a fond childhood memory and less and less something we could do together.

Until this year.

For the first time in too many years to recall, my family was together again during the Halloween season to decorate Halloween cookies. I'm embarrassed to admit that our creativity and artistic ability hasn't grown much in the past decade and a half, but it was just as much fun to decorate cookies together at 28 years old as it was when I was 8!

Credit: Jody Rozanas, Facebook
Credit: Abigail Rozanas
Credit: Abigail Rozanas


What Halloween traditions do you celebrate?