I'm saying it, again. Helium Theater is my favorite bit that we do on the River Morning Show. I like all the bits we do, but Helium Theater is the most fun. It gives us a chance to act out scenes from some of our favorite movies. Correction: it gives ME a chance to act out scenes from some of MY favorite movies. Abbey and Jim are just along for the ride, begrudgingly. 

The River Morning Show does Helium Theater Wednesday mornings at 7:45. We act out a scene from a movie and add the helium sound effect to it. You have to guess what movie it is. If you’re the first person to call and give us the correct answer, you win $20 to Pizza Depot. The studio phone number is 320-258-3738. 

 'Helium Theater'

Every Episode from 2020 -- So Far


Groundhog Day - 'I am a god, not the God' (January 8th)



Back To The Future - 'Enchantment Under the Sea Dance' (January 15th)



Dumb & Dumber - 'Our pet's head's are falling off!' (January 22nd)



Clueless -  'Marky Mark's busy pants-dropping schedule' (January 29th)



Big - 'But I get to be on top' (February 5th)



When Harry Met Sally - 'I hate you, I really hate you' (February 12th)



Pretty Woman -  'That's just geography' (February 19th)



Shawshank Redemption - 'Rock Hammer' (February 26th)



My Cousin Vinny - 'I shot the clerk'? (March 4th)



Office Space - 'Probably do 15 minutes of real, actual work' (March 11th)



Ferris Bueller's Day Off - 'Bite the big one Junior' (March 18th)



School of Rock -  'Best school I've ever teached at' (March 25th)



Caddyshack - 'It's in the hole!' (April 1st)



9 to 5 - 'Woman or a wouse' (April 8th)



Fargo - 'You're darn tootin' (April 15th)



There's Something About Mary - 'Love blisters' (April 22nd)

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Austin Powers - 'An evil petting zoo' (April 29th)


Star Wars - 'What an incredible smell you've discovered' (May 6th)


Ghostbusters 2 - 'Valentine's Day...bummer' (May 13)


Airplane - 'You're Kareem Abdul Jabbar' (May 20th)


Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets - 'Growler' (May 26th)


What About Bob? - 'I'll be quiet. And I'll be peace' (June 3rd)


Lost Boys -  'Are you guys sniffing old newsprint'? (June 10th)


Father of the Bride - 'Welcome to the 90s Mr. Banks' (June 17th)



Would you like a play a part in a future episode of Helium Theater? Email us at studio@river967.com, App Chat us on the River App or call us at 320-258-3738. Don’t worry if you don’t think your acting skills are excellent. Ours is not that good either -- but we have fun doing it.


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