These pictures show what Christmas holiday cookies are supposed to look like. I didn't think of taking a picture of my massive cookie fail over the weekend, but I wish I would have.

My Spritz cookies, which I make every single year, that usually end up looking like the pictures in this story, were basically a waterfall of dough pouring off the pans when I went to bake them. I have no idea what I'm doing wrong.

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Photo by Tim Lyon
Photo by Tim Lyon

I took the time to color the dough, add the sprinkles and candies to three trays of cookies before I baked any of them. All that time and effort for nothing. They all were like melted snowmen. There was no saving the dough.

I took to social media looking for ways to save my dough. Chill it....failed.  Add extra flour...failed.  Turn the oven down to a lower temp....failed.  Turne the oven hotter...failed. I honestly don't know what's going on.

Photo by Kelly Cordes
Photo by Kelly Cordes

The sugar cookies turned out perfectly, as pictured above. I was using the same eggs, the same flour, and the same butter.  I'm so confused.

I went back to the grocery store and got two more pounds of butter, and another bag of flour, and thought to double-check the recipe with other recipes to see if that might be the problem.

I realized that about a week ago, I did have an issue baking bread. The same thing happened. The dough wouldn't get sticky and form a ball. The more flour I added the worse it got. That bread turned into very heavy muffins, but still edible.

I just want to know if you've ever had this problem. I've spent a lot of money on these holiday cookies, and I've never had this happen with my holiday cookies before.

Has this happened to you? What did you do to fix it? Honestly, I feel like maybe it's the flour. I didn't use the new bag of flour.  I'm a bit afraid to try again, but don't want my fail to ruin my Christmas. I'm a woman on a mission.

I'd love your advice. Please send your suggestions to, or through your App. I would truly appreciate it.

The only other option...Who wants to bake my spritz cookies this year? Maybe I need to hire someone to do it for me. I hate to give up, but something is going wrong.


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