The NFL post season kicks off this weekend, and even though there are 12 teams trying for the Super Bowl, the Vikings only need to win 2 games to get there.

Yahoo Sports just released the Super Bowl odds for each NFL team in the playoffs, and they've given the Vikings really, REALLY good odds of ending up there!

4 of the 12 teams have a major advantage over the others because they have a bye this weekend and would only need to win 2 games to get to the Super Bowl. The Vikings are obviously one of those teams.

It seems that Yahoo Sports, and many other sports forecasters, feel this coming Super Bowl will be the Patriots and Vikings.

Here are the odds for the Patriots and Vikings:

58% odds - New England Patriots making it to the Super Bowl
36% odds - Minnesota Vikings making it to the Super Bowl
31% odds - New England Patriots winning the Super Bowl
21% odds - Minnesota Vikings winning the Super Bowl

My prediction is the Vikings WILL be in the Super Bowl, but not against the Patriots -- but rather against the Steelers. I see Tom Brady having an awful playoff game when they play in week 2 of the playoffs.

It's about time our Vikings have odds in our favor. We've spent a long time as the underdog that is unlikely to have a chance at a Super Bowl appearance. Even though the Patriots are being favored, we're miles ahead of every other team playing. It's a great time to be a Vikings fan. Skol!!

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