Well, let's be honest... I would watch almost anything on HGTV.  It's one of those channels that is one almost continuously in our house.  But this one seems pretty cool.  A few months ago the former Brady Bunch House went up for auction.  HGTV bought it at the auction and decided that they were going to create a series through the renovation process.

On the TODAY show, ET and several other shows recently, we get a sneak peek at some of the things that are happening during the series which hasn't aired yet... but is coming soon.  You can recognize some areas, but it looks pretty good.  It's basically the same layout, but updated.  And WOW, can we all agree that it needed it in a big way?

The show is 50 years old now.  And surprisingly, it only ran for 5 seasons.  It seems like it had 10 seasons for how iconic it has become, but it ran from 1969-1974,

It's going to be fun to see how everything turns out.  Each of the Brady kids are helping to renovate 1-2 rooms in the house.

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