With temperatures well below zero this week, how cold is too cold for your dog to be outdoors in Minnesota?

I have a small dog, Norman is a Shih Tzu and weighs in at just under 14 pounds, and as badly as he wants to play outside in the snow, his tiny little paws freeze almost instantly when they hit the snow. Then he does the big high step back into the house to warm up.

Tufts Animal Condition and Care created a temperature scale for determining how cold is too cold for your pup to be outside:

Tufts Animal Care and Condition
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The bigger your dog is, the longer it can tolerate the cold, but once it gets into the single digits temperature-wise it can be potentially life-threatening to the pup.

As a dog owner, you know your dog better than anyone. This chart is a great guide, but what's important is watching for signals from your dog and making sure they avoid frostbite during extreme cold.

The paws, ears, and tail are the most common areas that dogs will experience frostbite. If you suspect your dog has frostbite, you should seek medical attention immediately, and make sure they are moved to a warm, dry place. For more information on frostbite in dogs, click here. 

Keep those furry friends warm this winter!

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