It happens to me every year when we get a couple warmer days in the winter. I look at all the things in our house we never use and try to think of how I can get rid of them. You'd think it's easy to 'just sell it', but then you wonder if it's even worth selling or throwing away. Every year I do this, and end up doing nothing with it.

This year it's time to change all this, and I'm determined to take the time to clear out some space by getting rid of all this stuff.

I've actually started Craigslisting a handful of things and finding out this is kind of a pain in the butt! People can be unreliable! If I've got a hundred things for sale, then I have to spend way too much time responding to "is this still for sale?" and "will you hold it until this weekend?" and then never having them show up!

A garage sale is an option, but in the winter that's pretty tough here in Minnesota. I guess if I have a ton of things still there in the spring, a garage sale is an option.

What is the best way to get rid of my unwanted things quickly and make some money by getting something for it? Have you done anything that's quick and easy? I'd LOVE to know!