I posted a video a couple of months ago called "Husbands of Target". It's a very funny video about husbands waiting for their wives in a Target parking lot.

Four different YouTube channel creators got together to do that video. One of them was YouTuber Charlie Berens. He's got a whole bunch of 'Upper Midwest' themed videos.

This "How to make a Bloody Mary" is described like this:

Manitowoc Minute host Charlie Berens teaches you everything about bloody Marys. From the right Vodka to use to the right tomato juice and then of course the garnishes.

- @Charlie Berens 

It's not only funny but he talks about what donations doctors and nurses are looking for right now. So click on the link and find how more on how you can help.

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My favorite lines:

"...you want to have them spicy, spicy enough to sweat out your sins"

"You just gotta remember. The more you mess up, the more booze you add"

"Fleischhmann's. The booze you use, for family you don't like"