I guess I don't watch as much TV has I thought I did because when I saw this list of the best 100 TV shows of the 2010's, from The AV Club, I realized that I have never watched most of these TV shows and I've never heard of a lot of them.

But then again I've never heard of the AV Club either.

It turns out they're a online newspaper that does reviews, interviews and stories about all things entertainment. It started back in 1996 but was basically irrelevant until 2005 when they redesigned their website and became more prominent.

I've still never heard of them or at least nothing they did ever stuck with me.

When I saw their recent list of the best 100 TV shows from the 2010's, I wondered how many were on this list that I've seen and thought were good.

Turns out, like I said in the opener, not many.

Now you should know that I cut the cord a long time ago and just went with streaming services for years (Netflix, Amazon Prime and Hulu) and had a digital antenna for local stations.

But even having Netflix, Hulu and Prime, I figured there would still be a lot of shows I've watched and really liked because there are/were some really good TV shows on those "networks". Plus, Hulu gives you current shows so I wasn't completely out of touch.

But again, like in my opening statement. Nope, already any.

Now there are some on the list that a watched a handful of episodes but I didn't think they were so great that I had to keep watching. Many people liked them but they never grabbed me.

I put the top 25 shows from that list of 100 below. You can click the link to AV Club to get the entire list.

  1. "Breaking Bad", 2008-2013
  2. "Mad Men", 2007-2015
  3. "Atlanta", 2016-present
  4. "Parks and Recreation", 2009-2015
  5. "The Americans", 2013-2018
  6. "The Good Place", 2016-2019
  7. "The Leftovers", 2014-2017
  8. "Bob's Burgers", 2011-present
  9. "30 Rock", 2006-2013
  10. "Fleabag", 2016; 2019
  11. "BoJack Horseman", 2014-present
  12. "Hannibal", 2013-2015
  13. "Community", 2009-2015
  14. "Twin Peaks: The Return", 2017
  15. "Better Call Saul", 2015-present
  16. "Crazy Ex-Girlfriend", 2015-2019
  17. "Rick And Morty", 2013-present
  18. "American Crime Story", 2016-present
  19. "Review", 2014-2017
  20. "Veep", 2012-2019
  21. "Justified", 2010-2015
  22. "Brooklyn Nine-Nine", 2013-present
  23. "Barry", 2018-present
  24. "Enlightened", 2011-2013
  25. "The Great British Bake Off/Baking Show", 2010-present

Out of that top 25 I've watched and loved a whopping two. That's it. And they are Breaking Bad and Barry on HBO. As a lot of people know, there's been a lot of really amazing shows on HBO over the years.

In the end it's all subjective and it's there list so it's just like...their opinion man

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