I know that I have a lot of shoes.  People totally make fun of me.  I have a shoe closet.

And I am by no means denying the fact that I have a lot of shoes!  BUT I do wear most of them on a regular. Some are just one outfit shoes, and some are just for specific events.  But most of these shoes are seasonal.

Basket of sandals and flip flops.  I can't wear those in the winter, right?  So, gotta have some that are just for specific seasons.  Plus dress shoes and athletic shoes.  And by the way, you are supposed to rotate your athletic shoes.  That's my reasoning for having 4 pair of those that I switch up each work-out time.  So there, haters.

athletic and "everyday"

BUT when I hear that Celine Dion has 10,000+ shoes that she has to store in a warehouse in Vegas... yeah... my "piddly" (approx 200) amount of shoes is NOTHING compared to that.  If you have to put your shoes in a WAREHOUSE, you have too many.  Wow.

I'm not sure if I should bow in awe or just think she has way too much money.