In our neck of the woods, we are heavily influenced by Norweigian heritage, but I think it's high time we adopt some Irish heritage as well. I was told as a child that I am roughly 1/18th Irish, I was never given the lineage behind that but I'm going to take my grandmother's word for it. So for St. Patrick's Day this year I looked into some Irish superstitions that could easily be applied in Central Minnesota.

Never Give a Friend Something Sharp

This superstition states that if you give someone a knife or scissors, it will sever the relationship you have with that person. But if you accept a coin in exchange for the sharp item, the relationship will be fine. That way the sharp item is seen as purchased and not given. This superstition is Irish, but other cultures around the word recognize it as well.

Cross Your Bread to Let the Devil Out

Irish Soda Bread is a popular staple in Irish households because it is easy and affordable to make. When it is made the top needs to be scored for the dough to cook evenly, but the superstition that goes along with it states that a cross needs to be scored in the top to let the devil out. This keeps the bread from being deemed evil.

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Itches and Scratches

An itcy nose means a fight is coming your way, but you can nip that in the bud by giving a slight punch and a handshake to the suspected combatant. Itchy palms mean you have money coming your way or leaving. The left hand means that someone is going to pay you money, the right palm means you will have to pay out money soon.

The Child of Prague

This superstition goes along with weddings and other big events. This item is described as a "flamboyantly-dressed statue of the baby Jesus is found in almost every Irish household" that is left outside to signal to God that good weather is needed. The placement of the child statue is debated, but what I have heard across the board is if the head comes off the statue without human interference it is extra lucky.


Clothing Superstitions

There are multiple superstitions surrounding clothing. Putting shoes on the table will have you soon hearing of death, and along the same lines "hat on the bed, trouble ahead". These ones seem more like a parenting trick to make sure kids put their stuff away, but if it works it's worth a shot with your kids.

Does your family have any Irish traditions or superstitions they follow? Share them with us on our mobile app!

Also, please enjoy this judgy picture of a statue of St. Patrick:

Photo by Drew Beamer on Unsplash
Photo by Drew Beamer on Unsplash

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