As we approach 2024, you’ll probably hear “out with the old, in with the new” several times as we get closer and even into January. 

Every year there are new laws that go into effect as the Calendar rolls over, and there’s also things that go away, meaning they won't be made anymore in the New Year. 

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The car industry each year has models that will not be made anymore, and I've found a list of those from Car and Driver. Is the car you really wanted to buy, or maybe the vehicle you’re driving now going to cease to exist after this year? Let’s look. 

 The Dodge Charger -

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The Four Door Charger has been a very popular vehicle, especially among Law Enforcement Vehicles. Where do they turn now?

The Dodge Challenger- 

Fard A.S.Muhammad (PJM) Via Getty Images

This muscle car has mainly stayed the same with minimal design changes since production started again in 2008 so that may have something to do with the fact this one is going away. Despite the Muscle Car history of this ride, a battery-electric Charger Daytona SRT could be in the works in the not so distant future.  

The Chrysler 300- 

Fard A.S.Muhammad (PJM) Via Getty Images

This year Chrysler had two vehicles in production, the 300 and the Pacifica. It appears the 300 drew the short straw of survival. Actually, “Car and Driver” says this vehicle never really caught on especially since the V-8 model was added into the mix. There could be an electric version of the 300 on the horizon.

The Ford Transit Connect Van-

Jonathan Weiss Via Getty Images

This was the last of the efforts to sustain a smaller van line that would be used for deliveries and similar type work. If you have one of these for work, it looks like you’ll have two options moving forward, step up to the full-size version of this van or move over to the compact pickup Ford has produced called “The Maverick”. (Does anyone else remember when the Maverick was an ugly two-door coupe in the 80s) 

The Kia Rio-

Jonathan Weiss Via Getty Images

This was a popular vehicle for young drivers or those who did a lot of driving because of the gas mileage. The subcompact hatchback and the coupe versions from Kia will make way for something else, odds are though it won’t be at the same price point as The Rio was positioned.  

The Kia Stinger-

Jonathan Weiss Via Getty Images

Another rear-drive vehicle bites the dust for next year, in Kia’s Stinger. It has an attractive design, but apparently not attractive enough as it never really captured the interest of a lot of drivers.  

The Jeep Cherokee- 

Fard A.S.Muhammad (PJM) Via Getty Images

The designers at Jeep have dropped this model before, and it’s been back on the lines since 2014, but Jeep is making the decision to stop production, for now at least. Car and Driver predicts the Cherokee will return in the future with some electric model features.  

The Mazda CX-9- 

Fard A.S.Muhammad (PJM) Via Getty Images

Mazda has two S-U-V models that feature the third-row seating option and that’s one too many. Mazda is planning on rolling out a 2024 S-U-V called the CX-90 which will be rear-drive based.  

 The Mazda MX-30- 

This was a model available only in California and would only go about 100 miles on a full charge, which isn’t much for an EV. Plus, the starting price point was $35,000. No wonder it was a hard sell.  

The Nissan Maxima-

Majid Hussain Via Getty Images

This full-size sedan is going away, but expected to make a return sometime in the future. Yep, you guessed it, as an EV. 

 There are several other vehicles that will be put out to pasture next year, but they’re of the upper scale variety and it’s likely you didn’t know it was being made in the first place. I know I didn’t know most of them.  

If these are the old that we will be “out with” for 2024, it’ll be interesting to see that the “new” side of that expression brings us.  

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