ST. CLOUD -- As the last of the snow melts away, fire officials want to remind you about helping prevent wildfires this spring.

The first thing you should do is check with your city, township or county to see if they allow the burning of yard waste. St. Cloud Fire Battalion Chief Leon Faust says the city of St. Cloud doesn't allow you to burn yard waste at all. For other regions which do allow it, Faust says it's a dangerous time right now even though the ground may be wet.


Dry grasses still dormant from the winter are easily ignited and can spark wildfires.  The ground may be wet, but the grasses remain dry in many areas.  Faust says the fire danger will remain high until the "green-up" occurs.

Faust says cigarettes start a number of wildfires every year as well and they're asking smokers to be extra careful about how they discard their cigarettes.

If you live in St. Cloud and have yard waste to dispose of, you can buy a compost permit or use the city-issued yard bags.

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