While not commonly seen in circulation, the $2 is still legal currency in the United States. According to the Department of Treasury, from 1862 to the present, the Federal Government has issued many different types of currency notes in $2 denominations.

In all, there have been six different currency types with a $2 note. The Secretary of the Treasury selects the designs, including the portraits, which appear on paper currency.

They add that $2 notes issued prior to 1928 featured many different designs, often changing with the introduction of a new series. $2 notes issued since 1928 were smaller in size and more standardized in design, featuring a portrait of Thomas Jefferson on the face. Thomas Jefferson has been a key design feature of the face of the $2 note for almost a century.

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From 1928 until 1976, the back of the $2 featured a vignette of Jefferson’s home, Monticello. Starting in 1976, the back of the notes was changed to a portrayal of the presentation of the Declaration of Independence, the famous document that Jefferson authored.

The reasons we don't commonly see $2 bills in circulation vary. Some people may be unaware they are still legal tender, others may find it awkward to use, while others have simply decided to collect them. However, people are thinking differently about $2 lately as they have proven to be worth thousands of dollars.

If you have any $2 bills in your possession, you'll want to take a closer look at it as it could be worth significantly more.


Multiple sources are reporting that a $2 bill from 2003 with a low serial number sold in July for $2,400 on Heritage Auctions, which is the largest currency auction house in the world. That same bill was later resold for $4,000. Some could be worth even more.

What determines the value of a $2 bill includes factors such as their serial numbers, when the bank notes were printed, how many were placed into circulation, and their condition.

To find the value of your $2 bill, first look at the year and seal color. U.S. Currency Auctions offers a currency price guide that will help get you started to determine if it's worth more.

Another option to find the potential value of your $2 bill or any other collectible banknote, is to visit Heritage Auctions online.

You can follow the link below to upload images to their website and receive a free appraisal.

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