The Jonas Brothers are bringing their "Remember This" tour to Mystic Lake Amphitheater on September 11th, and they are planning to bring a vaccine mandate to town with them.

However, the Prior Lake casino responded to news of the mandate with a somewhat cryptic message on its Twitter account:

We are aware of the social media statement from Jonas Brothers requiring proof of a negative COVID-19 test result or vaccine to attend all shows on their tour after 8/27. These requirements do not align with our current protocols, developed under the guidance of SMSC Tribal Public Health. Please watch for any further updates on our social media channels or

As usual, the issue is making people on both sides of the vaccine-mandate fence lose their minds on Twitter.

Lol @jonasbrothers please cancel on them if they don’t change this… not only would it be safer for everyone but I’d also be less broke and wouldn’t have to drag myself to Minnesota
Your next update will be “due to us being a bunch of idiots, we chose to not make money from this show and want our customers to catch COVID”. What a bunch of idiots. 
A lot of the replies are claiming that the protocols are supposed to be decided on by the artist and not the venue, which is an interesting chicken-and-egg type argument that gets even more complicated when you consider the fact that Mystic Lake is on tribal land.


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