I registered to vote yesterday.

My wife and I moved back in April, requiring me to update my address and re-register to vote (if you haven't changed your permanent address since you last voted you don't need to register again). After completing the online forms, I decided to print off a sample ballot for the upcoming election. I did the same when I last voted back in 2018, which my wife and I both found incredibly helpful in researching the candidates and doing our due diligence as educated voters. As I looked over the ballot for the upcoming November's election, I was startled to see Kanye West's name on it. I'd known, of course, that he'd decided to run as an independent in 2020 and even that he'd made it on the ballot in various states. But it was still a shock to actually see Kanye West's name on the Minnesota ballot as an actual presidential candidate.


Yeezy's name wasn't the only one that caught my attention, though; "Who the heck is his running mate Michelle Tidball," I wondered? Turns out, she keeps a pretty low profile, very unlike her counterpart. She doesn't seem to have a verified profile on Facebook or Instagram, and her Twitter profile -- either by her own doing or political silencing -- is (as of writing) suspended. I did manage to track down her ministry website Yarash, where she claims to be a "Personal Life & Spiritual Coach" who helps people find "solid answers and journey life more clearly with purpose."


Forbes claims that --- according to a Bio page that is currently blank of information -- Tidball holds “various degrees in mental health and criminal justice” and previously “worked as a mental health therapist for ten years” before transitioning into life coaching. A variety of sources confirm that Tidball lives in Cody, Wyoming, the same town as West's own 4,000-acre ranch. Forbes also cites that Tidball "previously served as an executive director of Bright Futures Mentoring Program, a nonprofit that helped mentor students in Cody."

So, unless there's something more we don't know about, Kanye West and his running mate Michelle Tidball really have little more in common besides living in Cody, WY and sharing a spiritual interest in religious faith. November's elections will certainly be interesting.

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