When you live in a world that can compile data on anything in seconds, you learn a lot! This time it's about the most hated food in different US states.

The dating app called "Hater" is a major data collector with their service that matched up people based on stuff they hate. They've recently compiled a list of the most hated food in each state and the results are totally not what you'd think.

Being from a state that grows plenty of these, it's surprising that "beans" is hated in Minnesota more than anyone else! Maybe it's because we have it all the time and get sick of them?

Some of the other most hated foods in different states include:

Montana - ANYTHING pumpkin spice
Virginia - greasy pizza
Texas - well done steak
Illinois - biting string cheese (instead of pulling it)
New Jersey - gas station wine

I guess to New Jersey's point, "gas station wine" is probably gross. Who buys wine in a gas station anyways???

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