John Oates has released a new single called "Disconnected."

“There are always times in our lives when we all feel 'Disconnected' from something or someone ... emotionally, physically, spiritually or any of the above," Oates said in a press release. "But the important thing is to never give up hope and strive to find a way to pull it all back together."

It's the second song in a new series Oates plans on pursuing in the coming months. (He released "Pushin' a Rock" in 2022.) "Disconnected" is a track Oates said he "re-discovered" during the pandemic.

"The theme felt even more timely and I produced a reimagined version at home using GarageBand on my Mac," Oates explained. "Then took that into Addiction Sound studios in Nashville and assembled an all-star rhythm section to bring the home demo to life ... a lot of the original GarageBand tracks are still on the finished recording.”

The song also comes with a new music video, directed by Jason Lee Denton. "As far as the idea, I played a lot of the instruments on the song, and so then I was visually inspired by Taylor Swift using multiple versions of herself in a video," Oates said, likely referring to Swift's recent clip for her No. 1 song "Anti-Hero." He described his video as a "low-rent version" of Swift's.

You can watch the video below.

"It was important for me to visually nod to an important part of my musical past and create some throwback moments in the production," Oates added. "That's why I'm wearing that great 1960s sparkly jacket and why I do some 'Temptations walk' dance steps. That's my history coming back to life."

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