Stand-up comedy returns Saturday night at Benton Station with two more comedians...and as always live music follows after. Comedian John Russell will be headlining this weekend.

Now what makes this somewhat interesting is Baxter (from the infamous Morning Side Show) told me he used to work with him way back in the late '90's. John was a radio sales guy in those days and even though he was a funny guy, sales probably wasn't a good fit for him.

If you are a sales person, in any field, it can help to be funny. But it doesn't always mean that it will lead to being good at sales.

Good thing that John realized his "funny" was better than his "sales", or he just really hated sales. and he pursued a different path. A path that led him to theater and comedy. And those that come out on Saturday night will reap the benefits...meaning you'll laugh.

Door open at 8pm and comedy starts at 8:30pm

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