It's that time of year when the lists of everything come out.  And right now I found the list of Google trends.  Like what was the most searched item in any category.


I am amazed that the number one "What Is..." was "What is Area 51".  Seriously?  That many... which in this case, might mean most people, don't know what Area 51 is?  This came up when there was this big thing to "storm area 51", which really actually turned out to be a big ol' flop.

But I also learned that most people aren't wanting to go to Mexico on vacation anymore.  The number one searched place was the Maldives.  I gotta be honest with you... I hadn't heard of the Maldives until I was watching some show on FX and they referred to the Maldives as a vacation spot.  I Googled that.  Now, I was probably one of those people pushing those numbers up.  By the way, Mexico came in 5th.  Right behind Japan (really?), Bora Bora and Las Vegas.  Bora Bora has those over the water hut things that I think look super cool.  Lottery, anyone????

Anyway, if you would like to see some of the other trends throughout 2019, just click this link.  

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