I'm pretty sure my kids think that I have super powers. Sure, they are all grown, but there are times when no one can help you like your Mom.

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Kelly Cordes & Drew Darkwell

As a Mom of three adult kids, you always sort of wonder if your kids still need you...for anything at all. I know that my job is to raise them so they can get out in the world and take care of themselves, but I always like to do little things for them, just to let them know that I'm still here if they need me.  That picture above is my oldest son Drew, who thought I was the most awesome Mom in the world back then. He might even still think that.

Tanner & Sampson, photo by Kelly Cordes

Take Tanner for instance. Tanner is my animal lover. He and I are the ones who take care of all the pets in our house. Mr. Bean, Pnuema and Gloria.  Tanner was also Sampson's buddy (My Great Dane that passed away a few years ago.) Sampson and Tanner were like brothers.

Photo by Kelly Cordes

Then there's my baby. Mason. We called him "Busy" when he was little, because he was so full of energy and happiness, he just had to run run run all the time.

Mason still has to run run run. He's either working or home playing his bass guitar or video games. Or he's headed to his friends house for the weekend to have some fun.

Photo by Syed Hussaini on Unsplash

He's also really good at losing his car keys. It's like his brain goes into a coma when he gets home from work. About a year ago, he lost a set of keys to his car and we never found them. We looked everywhere, but we just figured he must have dropped them somewhere outside. Thank goodness he had an extra set of keys.  Until yesterday, that is.

Yesterday, I received a frantic call from Drew my oldest, asking if I'd seen Mason's keys anywhere. Mason had to be to work in 10 minutes but the keys were no where to be found. The boys searched everywhere...under furniture...in the laundry...in jacket pockets...garbage cans. Nope...They were nowhere.  I told them I'd do a "MOM" search when I got home, and Drew took Mason to work so he wouldn't be late.

I came home after work, and started cleaning the house. I went into the "Man Cave" and started cleaning.  I moved dishes to the kitchen, garbage to the garbage can, emptied cans and glasses of water in the sink.  Then I started digging.

I got out the flashlight and started investigating under the big couch, because that thing has eaten plenty of lost items in the past.

Nothing was clearly on the floor, but once I dug out the flashlight, I discovered the keys hanging on a gear lever inside the couch. I pulled them out and thought...hmmmm. this looks like the keys he lost a year ago!

So I continued the search. I mean after all, if he lost his keys in the couch once, maybe that's where the second pair are as well.

Sure enough, on the complete opposite side, the keys were hanging on the other gear lever inside the couch. They were jammed in there pretty good, but I got them.

I sent Mason a note to let him know that I not only found his keys, but I also found his other pair.  I received the best gift a Mom could get from a son. A text message that said, "Your The Best." with a smiley heart faced Emoji.

I'm glad my superpowers are still good for something!