At 9:50 pm on Saturday night, the city of St. Cloud finally revealed the super-secret, super-mysterious location of the fireworks. Well, they more like told people where to look. They said, 'if you're in the downtown area, look to the southeast.' That was clue number one that this idea wasn't going to work.

As I said before, why even have them at all. I knew there was no way everybody would be able to see this 'brief, impressive' display unless they launched them from aircraft or space. And by saying look to the southeast, the city was basically telling people on the north and west side of St. Cloud, you're not going to be able to actually see these -- even though they made it sound like the whole city was going to be able to see them.

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They should have canceled it. But the city was so desperate to have fireworks. This is the year of cancellations and postponements. We're used to it and would have gotten over not having fireworks pretty quickly. I thought we should have saved the money and put it towards next year's 4th of July fireworks show and make them bigger and better than ever.

I wasn't the only one that was less than thrilled by the whole thing.

I’m sorry but how was anyone who lives on the west side of town like we do supposed to see fireworks way over on the east side? You couldn’t have picked a more central location? Extremely disappointed. - Amy Peterson via Facebook


Are you kidding me?? I will never donate to the fireworks again, as in previous years! I was on your website 15 minutes before zero hour and got no warning on location. It was not announced on any radio station we could find. The neighbors did a better job. I can’t say how I truly feel, or I would be banned. - Renee Murphy via Facebook

Well could not see them from where I live close to St. John Cantius Church. Thank goodness others within a 10 block area had illegal ones. Don't say everyone will see them because not true, so disappointed!!!! - Pam Skaalerud via Facebook


Should have just saved your money and done a bigger show next year. 2 mins not worth it. - Tyler Moulzolf vai Facebook


Others did not want to hear the complaints:


Thank you for doing the best you could under the circumstances. Looking forward to 2021! - Chris Theisen via Facebook


Great show!! Do this every year please!!!!! - Jeff Jurek via Facebook


If all of you who are complaining, please stop. At least we did something. I am so sick of reading complaints on facebook about stuff when St. Cloud is doing the best they can. Not everything goes as planned. - Linnea Therese via Facebook

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