McDonald’s has brought back their Shamrock Shake. Which is good news to me and I am sure many other customers, since they haven’t offered it in 3 years. This well known shake made it’s come back just a few days ago, to mark the 50th anniversary of its launch.


There are two different options:

  1. The classic Shamrock Shake, which features vanilla soft serve, combined with Shamrock (mint) flavor and a whipped topping.


  1. The other is a new Oreo Shamrock McFlurry, which features your classic Shamrock Shake base, blended with Oreo pieces.

My kids are freaking out about the Oreo Shamrock McFlurry. We are Oreo lovers at our house. And ice cream seems to be our weakness.

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People are begging McDonald’s to keep the shake in stores year-round.

“Part of what makes our legendary Shamrock Shake magical is the anticipation. We’re proud to give customers feel-good moments and another reason to look forward to spring with the annual arrival of the Shamrock Shake,” the official McDonald’s Twitter account wrote.

McDonald’s is hardly the first company to use a seasonal roll-out of a product to stir up nostalgia—and sales.

The fact that the Shamrock Shake is 50 years old also means that it’s part of many childhood memories. I remember enjoying Shamrock Shakes as a little kid, and it brings back memories of being care-free and remember the excitement about going to McDonald's, it was a special treat at our house. Plus, it's fun being festive with St Patty’s Day drink, being a little bit Irish. Always looking for ways to celebrate St Patty’s Day.

It can seem like McDonald’s might make more money if they just offered their Shamrock Shake all the time. But maybe there is something about having it for a limited time that creates some urgency.  Either way, I am just excited the green shake is back. McDonald’s has not shared how long the Shamrock Shake will be in restaurants but, if history is an indication, it’s likely here to stay through the end of March.

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