It's official -- Minnesotans really like ice cream.

Minneapolis made a list of top ice cream-loving cities in the country, though I must admit I'm a bit disappointed at our ranking of #23; c'mon, guys, we can do better.

Still, there's some pride to be had in seeing a Minnesota city make the list at all. San Antonio, New York City, San Diego and Chicago made the top four cities respectively.

The original article by National Today went on to list American's top nine most popular ice cream flavors:

#1: Mint chocolate chip (16%)
#2: Chocolate (15%)
#3: Cookies and cream (15%)
#4: Vanilla (12%)
#5: Butter pecan (11%)
#6: Rocky road (10%)
#7: Strawberry (10%)
#8: Chocolate chip (5%)
#9: Neapolitan (4%)

While I'm a huge fan of mint chocolate chip myself (it was my favorite flavor as a kid), my more mature adult taste is disappointed not to see Cherry Amaretto on the list. Oh well.

We recently polled Central Minnesotans to find out where their favorite place to get ice cream is. Hands down, St. Cloud's Mr. Twisty came out on top.

It's certainly hard to beat ice cream, but sometimes an adult beverage does the trick, too. Been out to Spilled Grain Brewhouse in Annadale recently?