We'll see you next time! That's generally the last sentence spoken to a guest at Kwik Trip. The next time you stop by a newly built Kwik Trip that sentence might just be delivered by a machine. In a bold move, it seems all new Kwik Trip locations moving forward will feature a NEW service that many Minnesotans seem to dread...a self-checkout option.

I reached out to Kwik Trip as someone here at work was talking about recently stopping at a Kwik Trip and noticing the self-checkout option. Here is what the folks at Kwik Trip had to say about where Minnesotans can find this 'new' feature.

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Shania from guest services wrote to me that after she spoke with Kwik Trip IT;

the plan is for all stores built in 2022 and going forward will have self checkouts installed. There are a few stores being built in MN throughout 2023. They are in Centerville, Lino Lakes, Elko New Market, Worthington, Redwood Falls, East Bethel, Melrose, Kasson, Cambridge, Marshall, and Luverne.

So to our friends in Melrose, Cambridge, East Bethel, Centerville, and Lino Lakes congrats on the self-checkout progress.

Me, I can't stand self-checkout kiosks. I always have to get someone to come over as something either doesn't scan or I can't find a product listed, etc. Now I know it helps with low staffing levels, but what happened to the interaction between guests and that last line of customer service, the cashier?

Don't get me wrong I'm still heading to Kwik Trips when I am on the road, they seem to have everything I am looking for and an ALWAYS clean bathroom, but I'll simply wait for an actual cashier.

Maybe I am living in the past, but I prefer "We'll see you next time" coming from Cashier X rather than an automated machine, but that might just be me.

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