If you've ever been to Las Vegas and frequented the Fremont Street area, you know how congested it can get. Crossing the street there can be downright dangerous.

According to KFGO Radio, a 44 year old Minnesota man and a 51 year old woman from New Mexico were attempting to cross the street near the Fremont Street Experience Casino Mall when they were struck by an SUV at about 7:40 PM the Wednesday before New Years.

This area of Las Vegas is a very busy and congested section of town. The couple was crossing the street in a pedestrian crossing, a marked walkway which is by traffic lights on the three-lane one-way street.

The Fremont Street Experience Casino Mall is made up primarily of stores, kiosks, zip line attraction, bars, restaurants and of course casinos, all lying under a lighted canopy that's four blocks long.

The driver of the burgundy colored SUV then fled the scene. Mykael Terrell, 28 was arrested later and charged and jailed for suspicion of driving under the influence, leaving the scene of an accident and reckless driving. She was scheduled to make a court appearance as soon as she retained an attorney.

The man from Minnesota was pronounce dead at the scene of the accident and the woman died at the hospital.

One would assume the couple that died as a result of the accident were just in Vegas to celebrate the New Year. Unfortunately, an allegedly intoxicated woman brought a horrible end to their plans.

The names of the victims were not released by the Las Vegas Police Department.

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