We are ALL so ready for live music again after a year of absolutely nothing.  Now we are talking about the "WAYZATA BEACH BASH"!  This happens in September.  ZZ Top will play with special guest Kenny Wayne Shepherd band on Friday, September 10th.

It doesn't stop there.  On Saturday the music continues with more of a country feel.  Saturday, September 11th brings on Brantley Gilbert with special guest Morgan Evans.  

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If you haven't heard of the Wayzata Beach Bash before, it's been a couple of years- pandemic and such. It's now back and takes place on Lake Minnetonka.  The beach bash is part of Wayzata's James J Hill Days.  Another town festival that has made its way back after the whole lock down, cancellation of 2020 because of the pandemic.  James J Hill days not only has the beach bash, but also includes a whole weekend of fun activities.  There will be carnival rides, food, some water/ski shows, car shows and some other fun stuff that the whole family will enjoy. It almost sounds like something from Wisconsin Dells, only it's super close.  Only an hour away.  Make a weekend of it!

Tickets for this go on sale this Friday, July 16th.  There are VIP and General Admission choices.  VIP runs about $148.00 plus fees.  And General Admission runs $59.00 plus fees.  There are always fees.  If you decide to show up the day of, those prices may be different.  Best to plan ahead.   Generally those prices go up, not down.

Looks like live music is back!

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