That classic moment of the movie, Braveheart. I won't spoil the he dies ending, but it's a powerful moment in a powerful movie, and one of Mel Gibson's best performances on-screen. But if you spent the movie lusting over William Wallace's sword (NOT a euphemism), you just missed your chance to own your very own sorta-replica.

The William Wallace Medieval Sword

Capture via Home Depot
Capture via Home Depot

It might not be the closest replica to the movie sword, but it also didn't cost thousands of dollars. I use the past tense, because the sword is sold out.

Have no fear! The reviews are here!

The Reviews

Some of the best:

"Honestly, beautiful replica of a sword, nice weight, its not sharp on the sides but pointy. The one thing that ruined it was the sheath of it. Its made of poor quality and it seens like they used a type of fake leather foam type of material and it doesnt fit exactly to the sword’s proportions entirely either." - Nikolai

"Useful around the house for whenever a bit of leverage or a solid blow is necessary or to dramatically unsheathe for a heroic last stand in the event of home invasion. Keep mounted in a prominent location to display your strength and wealth but securely lest over indulged guests find themselves too drawn to it." - Bertram

"Used this against my lord of land and no longer has to pay my due...for this month" - dave (not Dave-O...probably)

"Home Depot’s Stainless Steel William Wallace Sword transformed my mundane chores into epic quests. With a battle cry of ‘By the power of plumbing!,’ now my toilet flushes with the majesty of a royal decree. The neighbors suspect LARPing, but I’m just battling adulthood chaos armed with a sword and plunger. Plumbing is now a medieval adventure – my pipes are ready for the Renaissance! Ask the cashier about the dragon repellent warranty, and as a Bonus: User manual in ye olde English." - SirMixALot

One more:

"Forged when the world was young, and bird and beast and flower were one with man, and death was but a dream!" - TXCiclista

And the manufacturer posted the same response to every single five-star review. In the context of the reviews, this is hilarious. Do stop working long enough to read the creatives in the review section at Home Depot. Be sure to read the Q&A section, too.

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