Have you ever found yourself stranded on a desert island of opinion, only to find there were more like you on the other side of the island? That's how I feel right now... vindicated.

For years I have said Jingle All The Way was my all time favorite Christmas movie, and for years this opinion has been met with scorn and dismissal. In fact, check out this Facebook memory from this day ten years ago:


The movie has it all. Arnold Schwarzenegger playing a mattress selling dad, Phil Hartman as the promiscuous divorced neighbor, SINBAD (!), and it was FILMED IN MINNESOTA! Mall of America, Minneapolis, St. Paul... all the cool places are represented.

There's even a scene in which Arnold has to fight off Santa (played by Big Show) and his elves in a warehouse making counterfeit toys. I'm telling you, you gotta see this movie.

As it turns out, Jingle All The Way is the most popular Christmas 'holiday' movie in the great state of Minnesota according to Preply, who based its study based on Google search trends.


Minnesota was the only state that listed Jingle All The Way and it was just the 20th most popular holiday movie overall. Taking the top spot was Home Alone, followed by the 2018 version of The Grinch.

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