Today is May the fourth, and that means it’s National Star Wars Day. Now, I happen to be a veteran diehard fan boy. I’ve been watching these movies since I was three years old. I was even watching them before the franchise rebooted in 1999 (wow, I feel old.)

Most people feel that the prequels were a flop (in ways I disagree, though I understand where they’re coming from – cough cough – Jar Jar) but it seems like the sequel trilogy has made Star Wars a relevant worldwide phenomenon again.

Every Star Wars fan has their favorite film in the franchise. Some people are all about the classics, and others embrace the newer films. In honor of National Star Wars Day we’re going to take a look at what the most popular Star Wars film in Minnesota is. Take it from me, a culture’s preferred Star Wars flick says a lot about them.

It reflects their values, interests, and tastes – so let’s hope that Minnesota picked a good favorite episode (because if it’s “Attack Of The Clones” or “The Phantom Menace” I’m going to leave the state.) Drum roll please ….. (insert drum roll and dramatic pause here) …. And the winner is – “Star Wars Episode 4: A New Hope.”

Good choice Minnesotans! Episode 4 is the most searched film online in The Land Of 10,000 Lakes. “A New Hope” isn’t my all time favorite, but it does rank pretty high on the list. It’s the film that started it all. Han Solo was in his prime, Vader was as evil as ever, and we totally got to see Luke demolish the first Death Star. The whole thing is downright awesome. Thanks again for your good taste! You make me proud to be a Minnesotan.

May the Fourth be with you!

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