A Minnesota driver's drunken spree led police off-road and even included a dangerous stretch on train tracks.

A video out of Winona County shows a wild police chase with a dangerous, drunk driver. Posted to the MN Safety Youtube channel August 22, 2021 the incident originally occurred March 23 according to the video's text details. The eight and a half minute-long video begins with dashboard camera footage from a Winona State Trooper following a red pickup truck at night. According to the video, the driver of the pickup had previously been stopped in a lane of traffic on the freeway. The deputy had made contact with the driver who said he was "ok." A short time later, however, the deputy observed the same driver travelling at over 100mph. The video begins as the deputy is now following the driver, who can be seen taking a right turn and appearing to pull over.

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The deputy can be heard getting out of his vehicle and instructing the driver to put his hands out the window. Instead, the driver ignores commands and peels out. The deputy follows, and a wild chase ensues. While the driver doesn't appear to be speeding, he does cross over the center line and fog line numerous times. After several minutes of driving with no sign of giving up, the driver of the pickup suddenly exits the road at a railroad crossing and begins driving on the railroad tracks. The deputy -- now joined by backup -- follows along from the safety of the road, waiting for the driver to leave the tracks. He eventually does, only to backtrack the way he'd come, leave the road at the same place he did before and go off road. This time, the deputies follow him, where he eventually gets stuck in a cornfield. According to the video, deputies deployed tasers and chemical irritants to subdue the driver who was convicted on charges of fleeing and DWI.

Watch the video for yourself below. Skip ahead to about the 4:15 mark to see the driver leave the road and begin driving on the train tracks.

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