Don't drive drunk, find a sober ride home. That's the message from the Pine County Sheriff's Office after a man was recently arrested after being found asleep behind the wheel of a vehicle parked at the county courthouse. According to the Pine County Sheriff's Office, the man was found recently by a deputy on routine patrol last week.

"As we continue to talk about and encourage people to find a sober ride, here is another example for you... 

While a deputy was on routine patrol in Pine City, he noticed a vehicle parked in the Pine County Courthouse parking lot. As most of you know, this is the same building where the Pine County Sheriff's Office and the Pine County Jail are located. The deputy observed the vehicle's engine was running and there did not appear to be anyone around in the empty parking lot. When the deputy approached the vehicle, he observed an individual that appeared to be sleeping in the driver's seat of the vehicle. 

The deputy knocked on the window and eventually was able to wake the individual. While gathering their information, the individual stated that he believed he was currently at a relative's house which was approximately 40 miles away from where he actually was. The deputy observed several signs that this individual was under the influence of alcohol and observed several open containers of alcoholic beverages in the vehicle.

The individual was placed under arrest and transported to the west side of the building to the Pine County Jail where he was booked in for DWI

As indicated by the post from the Sheriff's Office the man was arrested and brought to the jail where he was booked under DWI charges.

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