A mullet, is making a comeback, really? No.

It's the fad from the 80's you never thought would see a revival, but hairdressers are saying this hairstyle is making a big comeback. It's a hairstyle that for sure get peoples' attention.



"The mullet is sort of that underground, grungy haircut, but now it's come back through the market and it's become this big sort of fashionable thing again." said hairstylist Mr. Mattern. He also said "I cut about one mullet a week at my salon and believe it's rise in popularity comes down to AFL players and popular music from the past."

Back in fashion or never left? I remember when I lived in Elk River there was a salon right off Highway 10 that had a sign out front that said "Free Mullet Removal", it always made me laugh. I always wondered if anyone took them up on that offer. That would be an interesting interaction. I would kind of like to be a fly on the wall for that interaction.
The hairstyle always draws attention. People are so fascinated with it. As for whether or not the mullet was making a return pretty sure I will never allow my husband to ever have this awful haircut. So gross.

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