I love all things fall, namely Halloween. I'd be lying if I said I hadn't already started decorating my yard with spooky décor. As it turns out, I'm not the only one getting a head start.

If you drive down Veterans Drive, you may have noticed the larger than life Halloween decoration that'll grab your attention and make you jump a little bit. It's absolutely epic.

There's a giant skeleton that's been perfectly positioned to look as though it's escaping out of the house through the side window. The people who live here are totally my kind of people.

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I'm not sure where you get a giant skeleton like this, perhaps it's home-made or a late night Amazon order. It's clear that the top of the skeleton body is detatched from the bottom half. However, the two halves are positioned in such a way where they look connected. It's almost like an optical illusion. The top half is outside of the house, while the lower half is inside--you can see it from a huge bay window.

The house also has a giant spider web strung from one corner of the home to the other side. It's definitely a decoration you need to see in person and bring the kids.

It's located on Veterans Drive, house number 728--just drive until you see a giant skeleton escaping out of a window. You can't miss it.

Do you or your neighbors have any sweet Halloween decorations we should know about? Send us photos! Email ashli@mix949.com.

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