I would have never believed it was a real thing, and almost laugh a little when my wife told me that one of our dogs has been getting this done. Apparently it's a BIG thing in Minnesota!

It all started when our dog, Maddie, suddenly had little to no use of one of her rear legs. We took her to a couple different vets and all they could do was determine she had a pinched nerve or spinal cord injury somehow, and put her on steroids. The drugs made her constantly thirsty and she had to pee a river every hour. This wasn't going to work for us.

We invested in a therapy laser and started home treatments on the area and things started showing improvement, but she was still not near 100%. After some research, my wife said she's taking her to an animal chiropractor, Dr. Rachel at Granite City Pet Hospital, who also does acupuncture, and I laughed a little. Quite a surprise to see how much improvement she's showing after her 2nd treatment!

Barry's dog gets acupuncture therapy
That's a lot of acupuncture needles!

If you're wondering how she acted during the acupuncture therapy? You can see that she was totally chill and wouldn't have hardly known she was getting it done! Dr. Rachel is a natural with dogs and has been very effective with these treatments for a long time. She's got my blessing, which I never thought I'd be "OK" with, and I no longer think this is only for tiny dogs in purses around Hollywood!

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