UNDATED -- With warmer than expected temperatures Thursday St. Cloud didn't get near as much snow as the communities to the north of us.

We officially had 3.8 inches of snow from this latest snow storm. Although there are reports of 4-5 inch snow totals in other parts of our listening areas.

The biggest snow totals are all well to our north. McGregor had 19.2 inches, Finland 18 inches, Brainerd 12.5 inches, Little Falls 11 inches, Melrose 9.5 inches, Bemidji 8 inches, Browerville at 6 inches, and Foley at 6 inches are just a few of the snowfall reports.

These totals and more measurements are expected to be updated throughout the day.

St. Cloud now has officially had 11.7 inches of snow for the entire season.  That's 5.6 inches below normal.

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