Whether you're a fan of Prince or not, you have to admit that his life was fascinating -- and strange. And, as everyone knows, he was very a private person. So with him being such a recluse, it only went on to highlight the mystery even more.

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Just like many celebrities, after they die, things about them reveal themselves that never would have if they had been alive. Prince is no exception.

Prince was extremely talented. One of the best musicians/songwriters ever. But he was also known for being a d******* sometimes. But I get it. When you're famous and especially that famous, everyone wants something from you. Most of the time, it's probably not with your best interests in mind. You have to be guarded, and that means being a d******* sometimes.

That's never been an issue for me. Prince made some of the most amazing music we've ever heard. He was one of the best guitar players there ever was. If I enjoy another person's talents, I don't really care whether they are super nice or a complete a-hole. It's not like I'm ever going to interact with them.

I think this is why this new book fascinates me. It's called "This Thing Called Life" - by Neal Karlen. According to a Fox 9 news story, they had been friends since the time of Prince's "Purple Rain" success. Neal wrote some articles for Rolling Stone, which means that Prince seemed to trust him.

"He was the most complicated person I ever met. He was the most loyal friend I ever met, which probably no one has said ever." - Neal Karlan via Fox News 9

With this book, we seem to get an inside peek into the mind of a musical genius. We get a taste of his thoughts, feelings, and concerns. And sometimes, this type of book might change your perception about someone -- or reinforce it.

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