My son Tanner turned 21 over the weekend. Our plan was to celebrate with a group of 10 friends and family members at Nickelodeon Universe on Saturday.

It was a great plan. We had 10 tickets to the park, and drove to the Mall in two carloads. We took our tickets to the ticket line. We expected to be in a long line, and it seemed to take about 5 minutes per group to get people through.

I overheard the woman working behind the desk helping a group as we were passing by in line, and she told them to be back in 10 minutes to get in line to be allowed inside. Mason, my youngest said, "No Mom..I'm pretty sure she said 3 hours."


We then waited in line for 40 minutes, with tickets in hand to get to that same lady, who told us it would be 3 hours before we would be allowed into the park.

Now..I'm not upset about the 3 hour wait. What I AM upset about, is that they could have had a sign before I got in line, that said, currently a 3 hour wait. There was NO reason we had to stand in line for 40 minutes just for them to tell us we couldn't get in for 3 more hours. We could have spent that time shopping, or making other plans.

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Photo by Kelly Cordes

Things I noticed? The feel was much different.  They had mask signs up everywhere...places for you to stand 6 feet apart...and obviously restrictions on how many people are allowed in the park at one time.

Photo by Kelly Cordes

Suggestions?  Get there early. Our original plan was to leave  St. Cloud at 8:30 am and get there about 10 am.  Instead, some of our group said the wanted to leave at 11.  Thus, the same thoughts as many other people and no getting into the parkf you are going to attempt to go to Nickelodeon Universe, I suggest you get there early. Be ready to wait 3 hours to get into the park, and don't forget your mask.

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