Whether it's a 162 game season or a COVID shortened 60 game season, all teams will go through their ups and downs. You hope at least in a 60 game season there won't be as many downs. Hopefully, just one.

The  Minnesota Twins have had two downs this year.

One of them was actually before the season started. The COVID coronavirus pandemic delayed and then shortened a season a team that was expected to do well and maybe make a run at the World Series. If this COVID had happened during a year, like a few seasons ago, when they weren't good, it wouldn't have been that big of a deal.

The other down part was that recent losing streak they had where they couldn't seem to hit or pitch or do much of anything.

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Then Pineda came back from his suspension, and that seemed to be the spark plug that this team needed.

Since then, the pitching has been much better, the Bomba squad has come to life, and they've been winning. They started a critical series versus the White Sox tonight (and lost). But if they can win the next three, or at the very least, split the series, they should be in good shape with eight games left to go against the Cubs, Tigers, and Reds.

They do look like a team that is finally coming into their own. It's just too bad that this wasn't a regular baseball season. This season is a sprint season, not the typical marathon season that baseball usually is -- which is how baseball should be. So no matter what happens with our Minnesota Twins, it will always have an asterisk attached to it.


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